Hearing Venues & Facilities

The AMTAC Arbitration Rules provide parties with the freedom to choose the applicable seat of the arbitration which may be within Australia or outside.  Parties may choose to hold conferences or hearings at the seat or at other locations.

All major Australian capital cities offer a variety of meeting and hearing venues that can fit the individual needs of the parties. For parties looking for a high quality, full service facility for their hearing, ACICA has a referral relationship with Dexus Place. Dexus Place offers locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and provides a discount to parties referred through ACICA. Further information is available here.

Other national conference venues such as Cliftons, state based hearing venues including the NSW Bar Association Dispute Resolution Centre and the Queensland Law Society Venue and many hotels in Australian capital cities have dedicated meeting rooms that can be used for arbitration hearings. Parties may also agree to use meeting room facilities at law firms involved in the arbitration.

The ACICA Secretariat can also provide information in relation to arbitration hearing support, including transcription and e‑hearing solution providers.