ACICA is pleased to announce the launch of ACICA Connect, its online case management system for arbitrations and mediations administered by ACICA and AMTAC. All new administered cases filed with ACICA from 1 January 2024 will use ACICA Connect unless the parties agree otherwise. ACICA Connect provides a secure online depository for communications and documents shared between the parties and the arbitral tribunal or the mediator with the intention of ensuring that a complete case file is maintained. ACICA Connect will facilitate case management by providing a secure centralised location for uploading and storage of documents, communication between parties, tribunals and ACICA, and tracking deadlines and dates. It is intended to create efficiencies and reduce the environmental footprint of ACICA cases. ACICA Connect is accessible online, providing a completely portable case management solution.

Deborah Tomkinson, ACICA Secretary-General, has this to say about the new platform “as ACICA cases continue to increase, it is timely for us to introduce an online case management platform to increase efficiencies for parties, counsel, tribunals and the ACICA Secretariat. ACICA Connect also aligns with our goal to operate more sustainably by reducing the environmental footprint of our work. We are pleased to be able to offer parties this service at no additional cost to users in most cases”.

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