ACICA Connect is ACICA’s E-filing and online case management system for participants conducting arbitration administered by AMTAC. From 1 January 2024, all arbitrations are to be filed with AMTAC through ACICA Connect.  Parties may opt out of utilising ACICA Connect in a particular case by agreement notified to the ACICA Secretariat within 14 days of the Notice of Arbitration. However, all case filings are to made using the E-filing system links below.

ACICA Connect provides a secure online depository for communications and documents shared between the parties and the arbitral tribunal with the intention of ensuring that a complete case file is maintained. ACICA Connect facilitates case management by providing a secure centralised location for uploading and storage of documents, communication between parties, tribunals and AMTAC, and tracking deadlines and dates. It is intended to create efficiencies and reduce the environmental footprint of AMTAC cases. ACICA Connect is accessible online, providing a completely portable case management solution.

ACICA Connect Fees

Each arbitration will be provided with one data package, which will be included in the AMTAC Administrative Fee (view the current Fee Schedule here).

A data package includes:
• 5 GB storage,
• user account for each member of the tribunal,
• user account for the tribunal secretary (if any),
• access to user accounts for three (3) users per claimant and respondent respectively, and
• one-year archiving following the end of the arbitration.

It is anticipated that in most cases the included storage will be sufficient. Additional data packages will be available for a supplementary fee should more data storage be required. Additional user accounts may also be obtained for a separate fee.

ACICA Connect E-Filing

Cases may be submitted to AMTAC in accordance with Article 5.1 of the AMTAC Arbitration Rules via our E-Filing system and registration fees paid online by credit card (a 2% charge applies) or via EFT.

Parties are encouraged to review the notification provisions in Article 4 of the AMTAC Arbitration Rules prior to submission and to contact the Secretariat in advance of any new arbitration filing with any questions. Parties are also encouraged to take steps to agree in writing with their counter-parties that notification and delivery by electronic means is authorised in order to avoid any potential delay to the commencement of an arbitration. Such authorisation should be provided to AMTAC in accordance with Article 4.

Arbitration Case Filings

To file an arbitration case, you will be required to upload the following:

  • a copy of your Notice of Arbitration (see Article 5.3 of the AMTAC Arbitration Rules for relevant requirements); and
  • any documents supporting service under Article 5.4 of the AMTAC Arbitration Rules.

Please note when clicking on the link below, you will be taken to the relevant form on the ACICA website.

Register an Arbitration

ACICA Connect Log In

If you are a participant to an AMTAC arbitration and have been provided with log in details, you may access ACICA Connect via the link below:

Access ACICA Connect


If you have any queries in relation to ACICA Connect or E-Filing, please contact the Secretariat on