Australian Visa Information

Persons wishing to travel to Australia to participate in international commercial arbitration proceedings (including tribunal members, legal counsel, party representatives, lay and expert witnesses) may apply for one of the following visas:
• Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) – subclass 601
• eVisitor visa – subclass 651
• Visitor visa – subclass 600
• Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa – subclass 400

A person’s nationality and their intended activities in Australia will determine which visa is appropriate. In particular, persons who will be working for an Australian organization will not fit the definition of ‘business visitor’ and should apply for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa – subclass 400.

General information in relation to Visitor visas is available on the Department of Immigration website at: AMTAC can assist with the provision of general information on visa categories. The Department of Immigration website or your local Australian embassy can provide more specific information about the visa category applicable in specific circumstances.