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ACICA releases Guidance Note for Online Arbitration Tue, 19 May 2020 00:14:35 +0000 ACICA has developed a Guidance Note for Online Arbitration as a resource for parties conducting arbitration using an online platform.

The ACICA Guidance Notice, which takes the form of a checklist of relevant considerations, aims to raise a range of matters that need to be addressed in advance of an online arbitration where numerous parties are participating from different physical locations.

The ACICA Guidance Note is the latest addition to ACICA’s Practice & Procedures tool kit, which also contains quick links to resources such as ACICA model clauses, sample submissions agreements, sample Notice of Arbitration and Answer to Notice of Arbitration, Guidelines on the use of Tribunal Secretaries and a draft procedural order for the use of online dispute resolution technologies.

To hear international arbitration experts discuss best practice in the conduct of virtual arbitration, register now for the ACICA webinar – International Best Practice on Virtual Hearings in Arbitration: Tips for Arbitrators and Counsel – being held on 27 May 2020.

Important Information for AMTAC Users Thu, 19 Mar 2020 03:07:44 +0000 AMTAC has issued some important information for users of its arbitration services.

Please click here for details.

Australian Disputes Centre issues COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Precautionary Protocol Mon, 16 Mar 2020 00:45:51 +0000 The Australian Disputes Centre, in which AMTAC’s head office sits, has issued a Precautionary Protocol with respect to the COVID-19 outbreak. This can be viewed at:

Australian Disputes Centre Announces First Nations’ Mediation Panel Thu, 12 Jul 2018 23:34:52 +0000 The Australian Disputes Centre announces the launch of its First Nations’ Mediation Panel. “This Panel of specialist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dispute resolvers builds on ADC’s work within the community and brings additional focus and resources to the significant opportunities for culturally appropriate dispute resolution” says CEO, Deborah Lockhart.

Read Full Press Release on the ADC website here.

Event Wrap Up: ACICA Symposium celebrating 60 years of the New York Convention Thu, 12 Jul 2018 23:34:10 +0000 Back to the Future of Cross-Border Contracts: What 60 years of the New York Convention means for the commerce of today and the conflicts of tomorrow.

The New York Convention is a global instrument, but its effects are felt on a local level, and its scope of operation is defined by the flows of international trade. ACICA’s Symposium on Underwriting Cross-Border Contracts, celebrated the New York Convention’s 60th birthday by addressing the domestic and international role of the Convention. The speakers covered not only the functions of the Convention itself, but also its history and the broader future of cross-border contract enforcement.

The first speaker, Elena Kirillova, State Director of NSW/ACT Australian Trade and Investment Commission, grounded the discussion in the context of Australia’s burgeoning global economic interactions and incentivise cross-border transactions through its free trade agreements and other initiatives.

Justin Gleeson SC, from Banco Chambers and former Solicitor-General of Australia, then outlined Australia’s historical role in the development of international arbitration and the drafting of the New York Convention. Brenda Horrigan, partner & Head of International Arbitration in Australia at Herbert Smith Freehills, placed that history in the context of the Convention’s contemporary role in ensuring the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. Brenda outlined the landscape of enforcement, highlighting the continued relevance of domestic legal attitudes towards arbitration.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, Supreme Court of NSW, provided an insider’s view on the evolution of Australian legal attitudes toward arbitration, noting the historical hostility of common law judges to the process and commenting on the current enthusiasm of Australian courts to support the arbitral process.

Finally, Khory McCormick turned the discussion of cross-border contract enforcement into the future with an outline of the work that has been undertaken by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law’s (UNCITRAL) to produce instruments on the enforcement of international commercial settlement agreements resulting from mediation. Khory emphasised the truly global nature of the draft instruments, pointing to tailored drafting intended to ensure that the resulting instruments account for a multitude of legal systems.

The Symposium’s presentations were followed by lively discussions of due process in arbitration, the relationship between arbitral procedure and procedure in front of the courts and the nature of recognition and enforcement of mediated settlement agreements under the contemplated UNCITRAL instruments. Although the speakers did not all envision the same future for cross-border contracts, they all envisioned a future where the New York Convention continues to play a vital role in ensuring that international trade flourishes.

Author: Justin Long, Intern — Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration / Australian Disputes Centre

Austrade releases Australian International Arbitration Capability Report Mon, 14 May 2018 23:28:12 +0000 View the recently released International Commercial Arbitration Capability Report from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. The report outlines Australia’s offering in terms of world-class international dispute resolution services and expertise to promote global trade, safeguard commercial relationships and manage risk in cross-border investment.

Download your copy here.

Book Launch – AMTAC Annual Addresses 2007 to 2016! Mon, 05 Jun 2017 02:13:33 +0000 Since its establishment in 2007, AMTAC has convened the AMTAC Annual Address, which have been presented by judges, academics, maritime law and arbitration practitioners and industry representatives. In celebration of its 10th Anniversary in 2016, AMTAC has compiled and published all 10 Addresses in this one volume.

Please see attached flyer and our webpage for more details!


ACICA-UNSW International Arbitration Survey Launched! Tue, 02 May 2017 00:47:34 +0000 ACICA and the University of New South Wales are pleased to launch the first Survey on the Use of International Commercial Arbitration in Australia’s Trade and Commercial Practice.

We are seeking your views!

This research, jointly conducted by the UNSW Law School and ACICA, constitutes the first empirical study undertaken focusing on patterns of use in international commercial arbitration in the context of Australian trade and commerce. The objective of the research is to explore recent trends and preferences and examine the attitudes of the legal profession, corporate users and experts involved with international commercial arbitration over the course of the last five years (2012–2016). The research aims to identify the key features influencing users’ choices and provide an insight into how the use of international commercial arbitration has developed over recent years in the context of Australian-related trade and commerce.

We anticipate that the information obtained as a result of the project will assist in the following key ways:

  1. Contribute to a more meaningful conversation with corporate and government decision makers to drive further investment in this area;
  2. Inform collective efforts to promote international commercial arbitration in Australia and Australian cities as arbitral venues; and
  3. Provide a baseline against which changes in usage and perceptions in this area can be assessed.

Further information may be found on the attached flyer and you may click here to Take the Survey!

Event Wrap Up: AMTAC Address 2016 & 10th Anniversary Dinner Tue, 13 Sep 2016 00:50:47 +0000 On 7 September 2016, AMTAC celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an Annual Address and Dinner. The Annual Address delivered at the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney and simultaneously broadcast to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth was a great success.

Peter McQueen, Chair of AMTAC since its inception opened the evening welcoming all in attendance.  Chief Justice James Allsop AO received attendees to the Federal Court and introduced this year’s speaker Malcolm Holmes QC.

Mr Holmes engaged the audience during his address entitled “Maritime Arbitration – Old & New.” The address invited attendees to travel back to the 1870’s to examine the birth of modern arbitration. The arbitration between the United States and Great Britain arising out of the operation of C.S.S Alabama, a Confederate ship during the American Civil War, presented many lessons and parallels to international arbitration practice today. From the creation of the arbitration agreement, appointment of the tribunal and delivery of a reasoned award Mr Holmes brought to life the history of the Alabama Arbitration and its relevance on today’s procedures. Interesting, despite the technological deficiencies, voluminous documents and distance between the parties a carefully construed award was announced a little over nine months from the Tribunal’s first meeting. A lesson Mr Holmes invited the audience to think critically about in relation to ensuring efficient tribunal procedures today.

A copy of the Address given by Mr Holmes can be found on the AMTAC Website.

Following the lecture, attendees continued the celebration at the AMTAC 10th Anniversary dinner, hosted at Ashurst. The dinner was attended by distinguished judges, barristers, arbitrators and maritime practitioners.

Georgia Quick, partner at Ashurst, welcomed guests to their beautiful new offices in Martin Place for a delightful evening. Newly elected Vice-Chair of AMTAC, Julie Soars lead the group in giving a special thanks to AMTAC Chair Peter McQueen for all his hard work and contributions over the last 10 Years.

Guest were treated to a special presentation by Kevin Sumptin, Museum director of the Australian National Maritime Museum. Mr Sumptin lead guests through the captivating story of “Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude” on exhibition until 30 October 2016. The award-winning exhibition explores the history behind martime’s greatest scientific breakthrough. Solving the longitude problem forever changed maritime transport and even modern computer elements can be traced back these extraordinary nautical instruments.

The dinner was a wonderful celebration and AMTAC extends a thank you to all who attended.

Author: Katlyn Kraus


(L-R): Chief Justice Allsop AO, Federal Court of Australia; Malcolm Holmes QC & Peter McQueen

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