ACICA and the University of New South Wales are pleased to launch the first Survey on the Use of International Commercial Arbitration in Australia’s Trade and Commercial Practice.

We are seeking your views!

This research, jointly conducted by the UNSW Law School and ACICA, constitutes the first empirical study undertaken focusing on patterns of use in international commercial arbitration in the context of Australian trade and commerce. The objective of the research is to explore recent trends and preferences and examine the attitudes of the legal profession, corporate users and experts involved with international commercial arbitration over the course of the last five years (2012–2016). The research aims to identify the key features influencing users’ choices and provide an insight into how the use of international commercial arbitration has developed over recent years in the context of Australian-related trade and commerce.

We anticipate that the information obtained as a result of the project will assist in the following key ways:

  1. Contribute to a more meaningful conversation with corporate and government decision makers to drive further investment in this area;
  2. Inform collective efforts to promote international commercial arbitration in Australia and Australian cities as arbitral venues; and
  3. Provide a baseline against which changes in usage and perceptions in this area can be assessed.

Further information may be found on the attached flyer and you may click here to Take the Survey!